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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Two-Dollar Diffuser

Several months ago I wrote a post on reflectors and diffusers and explained how cheaply one can be made. For example, my diffuser cost maybe $2.00 and was constructed from a junk store screen and cheap plastic.

Anyway, I thought I'd post two recent examples. Dads make great "clouds" by the way, and can usually be enlisted to hold the diffuser, at which time I usually start to refer to them as "Cloud," "Mister Cloud," or "Daddy Cloud," as in "Hey, Mr. Cloud: a little to the left."

Both photos here wouldn't have succeeded without a diffuser--and a Mr. Cloud.


  1. Tim- you're a crack up.

    I have ghetto reflectors purchased from the auto store (meant to protect your dash from Mr. Sunshine). One side is silver one side is gold, they fold down into a small pouch and cost $5 each. :)

  2. I agree, dad's make the best clouds! I'm going to have to try Gretchen's ghetto reflector, lol.

  3. Gretchen: that's killer. I'm bummed though. I just spent $5.00 at the fabric store from some really nice, white reflective fabric. (The sales lady gave me kind of a strange look, I must admit, but call me "Mr. Fabric.") I was going to stretch it on another DI frame, for a $6.00 reflector. At five bucks, though, for two tones, you've got me beat.